299814, Russia, Crimea, Sevastopol, Orlovka, Kachinskoe Shose 30/28

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Welcome to Villa Alexandria

Villa “Alexandria” is located in an intensively expanding coastal region of the town of Kacha, which is itself located on the western Crimean coast and is one of the regions of the city of Sevastopol. Villa “Alexandria”, is a wonderful choice for your vacation.

The town of Kacha is rich in its diverse beaches, having both sandy as well as pebble beaches. The main beach area is located in the valley of the river Kacha. From the cliff edges you will find a breath taking view of the seas and surrounding areas, while just after a short walk down you will find a secluded and safe haven from the strong winds.

Kacha and the adjacent town of Orlovka, are ideally suited to a family vacation with children. The water remains warm due a shallow sea floor. While thrill seekers will be able to parachute of the 15-30 meter cliffs and experience an unforgettable sensation from the flight over the sea.

In the summer, the town hosts the famous festival “Star Beach”. At any time, you will be able to undertake an interesting excursion to any corner of the Crimea.

Villa “Alexandria” will leave in your memory the most pleasant memories of the sea breeze, clear Crimean sun and the warm Black Sea.

Villa “Alexandria” is just a few minutes stroll away from the sea.


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Villa “Alexandriya” is in the coastal region of the town of Kacha, close to Sevastopol and is a few minutes’ walk from the sea.

Villa “Alexandriya” is ideally suited to a vacation with children. The waters are warmed by the shallow sea floor.


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