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Season of Health. Health through grapes

Would you like to be more energetic, well-balanced and less agitated? Eat grapes.

Flatbread and a handful of raisins

During their conquest of the Crimea, Roman legionnaires explored its furthest reaches, leaving behind powerful fortifications and keeps. For such arduous expeditions they required a great deal of energy. The antique healer knew how the fertile Crimea could help them in this. They successfully used the bounties of the sunshine peninsula to regenerate expended energy, help the heart and promote metabolic activities. A handful of raisins and flatbread — such was the energetic ration that each Roman soldier had during an expedition.

«The sun, raised from the Earth»
Fans of the wondrous berry have praised it from antiquity. Heracles allowed himself rest only in the Crimea, with a chalice of Crimean wine on its coast. Fair skinned maiden came from the capital with the purpose of eating grapes, while poets of all generations and nationalities praised the berries that looked like «the sun, raised from the Earth». At the same time, denoted as wine-making and table types, grapes became used for health benefits.
The «delicious» healing with grapes received a name — ampelotherapy.


Loved by women
«Eating grapes. Feeling fantastic» — these are the words of a postcard sent from Alushta from the last century. The health benefits of grapes became fashionable and this attracted people to the Crimea. Medics even compared the health benefits of grapes (ampelotherapy) to mineral water resorts. Women noticed the curative properties of grapes long before the famed Cleopatra. Loved by women — grapes — give them lush hair, beautiful skin and a slender figure.
Manufacturers of anti-aging cosmetics and suntan lotions actively use grapes, producing new products that utilize everything from the grape skins to the leaves.

The «grape» doctor
Crimean medics have tried countless way to cure with grapes of various types. Thanks his wonderful enthusiasm, the town doctor of Yalta, Vladimir Dmitriev, developed meticulously designed methods to use grapes for medicinal purposes. He successfully used ampelotherapy to cure:

  • Heart-related illnesses
  • Illnesses of the airways
  • Joints
  • Regeneration of health after prolonged illnesses and car-crashes

The «grape» doctor Dmitriev proved, that for curative purposes aside from the berries one may use un-ripened berries, juices, grape seeds and specialized preparations. In our days food additives successfully use grape seeds.

Modern day research has confirmed that a diet involving grapes can normalize blood pressure, strengthen linings of viens and arteries, raise haemoglobin levels and transport through capillaries.
Careful: self-medication
For general health and curative purposes, all parts of the grapes have been used:

  • Shoots
  • Leaves
  • Berries
  • Skin
  • Seeds
  • Juice

The internet is flooded with countless advice on how grapes can be used for health benefits in a home environment, what to do with the seeds and how to boil tea from raisins. It is unwise to take all of these tips at face value. Do not replace qualified advice from doctors by self-medication.


It is possible to lose weight with a grape diet, but only if you eat grapes like they recommend in a famous anecdote — not alongside a filling lunch, but instead of it.
As with any other type of healing, ampelotherapy has some side-effects. Doctors do not recommend grapes for medicinal purposes if you:

  • Are obese
  • Have diabetes
  • Have stomach ulcers
  • Have colitis
  • Have pleurisy
  • Have tuberculosis

In principle, there is no difference in ampelotherapy using different types of grapes. We can use any of the grapes that are available to us. The main thing is somewhat different. If you decide to try ampelotherapy, it is important that the berries are not damaged, are washed properly and that they are ripe.
For medicinal consumption of grape, avoid the seeds and the skin, while if drinking grape juice, drink slowly with small sips.


Grape shoots are the symbol of eternal youth and life energy.

Would you like to be more energetic, well-balanced and less agitated? Eat grapes!


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